Get the Scoop on Poop

From Hampton Roads TV:

Poop exhibit makes you think before you flush

Of course it’s gross, but who knew poop could be so interesting?

Discover the secret life of kaka at the Virginia Living Museum’s new exhibit, “The Scoop on Poop” Based on the popular book by Wayne Lynch and touted as the thing to “doo” this summer, the exhibit explores the many dimensions of poop from how animals and industry use it to how it’s pronounced in different countries.

Kids and their parents can compete in dung beetle races, improve their #2 IQ in stool school, meet a dinosaur duty detective and more.

Watch as’s Kristen Leigh does her “doody” and takes you through the wonderful world of poop.

2 thoughts on “Get the Scoop on Poop

  1. marina

    dad,why in the world did you put an article about poop on your website?How can you think poop is “interesting”?its a big glop of gross brown stuff?you may be funny,but you’ve never been this gross,and also look at the reply under yours on my website,its supposed to be for you.

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