Birthday 45

Today is my 45th birthday and Sharon came by my work to take me to lunch. My co-worker Joe Simard snapped this fetching picture.

(click for larger view)

Afterward, since I am now officially middle-aged, my young bride carried me to the car, drove me to the restaurant, and spoon fed me.

8 thoughts on “Birthday 45

  1. Kevin

    Hey Bro, looks like the curse of Archie has finally found a home on your expanding forehead. Keeping a trim figure, though. You don’t look a day over 39. Happiness looks good on ya!

  2. Lauren Krikke

    Happy Birthday, Sean!! Wow, middle age, don’t want to know about that yet! Hope you had a great day!


  3. Jann McCord

    Hola…Sorry to be late but the Navy has called me again and i had two weeks to clear up my life and get going…it was not easy but hey…we McCords can do anything if it is interesting enougy….Charming photo and you hardly look middle-age…just 47! Congratulations…it seems quite young to me now. Hope you all will have a lovely summer as i will for two months in San Diego. I have enjoyed seeing your family grow and change with the years…thanks for keeping us posted. Cheers, Auntie sailor Jann and HI to all

  4. Sean Michael

    foddah Says:
    “Ohmygawd, do you look like your grandfather (Archie)”

    But Archie’s … bald. And dead. Are you disclaiming paternity, foddah…?

  5. Sean Michael

    Thank you Tia Jann, but I am actually 45 now, and although I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, you are right to point out that someday 45 will seem young to me. Just not today…;^)

  6. Sean Michael

    Yes, yes, the curse of the aptly named Grandpa Archibald has settled on my furrowed brow. I say it just leaves more room for brains (or face).

    (These comments brought to you by the guy who looks like this…;^)

  7. sista-inlaw

    Belated birthday to you. Sorry I didn’t mention it on the phone the other night.

    New website? Pretty neat!

    See ya in a few

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