RINO charge

Virginia is holding an open Republican primary today. Now just suppose I wanted to vote for a candidate that I felt was the most likely to lose against Democratic incumbent Tom Perriello? My inclination is to vote for the wackiest candidate on the theory that only the Teabagger wing of the Republican Party would support her (that would be Feda Kidd Morton). However, a friend of mine thinks we should support the most mainstream but unexciting candidate (that would be Ken Boyd). In this purely speculative scenario, who would you vote for?

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One thought on “RINO charge

  1. Beth

    Vote Boyd. And do it quickly. The turnout is exceedingly low. Your friend is right, by the way. But not for the reason he says.

    Hurt is actually more acceptable to the 5th district. Hence, actually the mainstream candidate for the district. NOT, mind you, mainstream in general. Just close enough to give Perriello a run for his money. He’s the one the GOP want facing off against Perriello in the fall. He’s raised the most cash. He’s at the head of every poll. He’s the guy who needs to be taken down in the primary.

    Boyd, on the other hand, is the only other candidate with enough support to beat Hurt in the primary. He’s the only candidate other than Hurt to currently be in elected office. In a primary with little coverage and almost no ad-buying, name recognition is going to be huge. On the other hand, Boyd has issues. He’s pretty much a supporter of business at the expense of everyone else. He voted to cut Albemarle County’s school budget by $4 million. Won’t that make him popular in the general election? In other words, Perriello might have a shot against him.

    Freda has not one shot in hell of winning. Her problems are too gargantuan to even discuss. She can’t beat Hurt. Why vote for her?

    Giving your vote to some yahoo with no chance of winning is tossing it into the wind. In the end, you might as well not have voted. Or even voted for Hurt. Because unless you vote for someone who can actually win the primary, your vote doesn’t count. Hurt wins. Vote Boyd.

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