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This is the retirement plan I’ve been waiting for! So long, suckers – I’m going to be a millionaire!!

Thank you Captain Matthew Stamford; aka A. Ayemlong Fokem.

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From: Ayemlong Fokem, A. []
Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2010 1:09 PM
Subject: Read & Respond!!

My name is Captain Matthew Stamford of the US Marine corps stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan, I found two million dollars stashed in a couple ofbarrels while on patrol. (Two Million Dollars) I need someone to help me move it to a safer place, please have it in mind that there is no danger involved.

You may contact me on so that I can provide you with details.

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2 thoughts on “Read & Respond!!

  1. Elizabeth

    Are you kidding around? I hope so because I have been posting this on my own blog as a correspond with the scammer and it is such a typical scam.

    Also, the person the first message originated from had a differant email than the one yours came from.

  2. sm_admin Post author

    Elizabeth: my response was “So long, suckers – I’m going to be a millionaire!!”. I’ll let you figure out whether I’m kidding around.

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