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July 2007 Peace Rally with Cindy Sheehan

On Friday, July 20th, 2007, Anti-War activist Cindy Sheehan and her entourage headlined the Charlottesville Anti-War/Impeachment Rally on the historic downtown mall. A few blocks away the Albemarle County chapter of the Republican Party organized a pro-war contingency and soon after marched to protest at the Sheehan event. I was there on the mall that day with my three kids. I didn’t have a video camera with me then, but I recently discovered this video online that shows both sides of the conflict. Sheehan and 45 other activists would be arrested on Capital Hill in an attempt to demand the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

(Video courtesy of Paladin Media Group)

Putting the “Pseudo” back into Pseudonymous

On July 20th, I was honored to be a guest on Coy Barefoot’s Charlottesville Right Now radio show to talk about my political blog and thus shredding any remaining pretense of pseudonymity. It was a great experience. Coy is just one heck of a nice guy and very smart. In the late 70’s, I worked in college radio, often the only person in the studio on the midnight shift. I’d be pushing carts (cartridges), spinning LPs, answering phones, and being both the talent and the engineer. It was great fun, but I envied professional DJs who had engineers to do all that for them. Well, technology has come full circle. I sat in a studio with Coy while he interviewed me and watched him launch PSAs and commercials from his computer console, play intros and outros, and dash around the station during commercial breaks looking for material that he needed, all without an engineer. Technology really hasn’t made our jobs any easier, just more productive.

Podcast courtesy of Sean Tubbs and the CVille Podcast Network.

Sean McCord on Charlottesville Right Now