Monthly Archives: July 2008

“Depressingly Cheery”

The girls are still at camp, and I am still scouring the camp website for pictorial evidence that they are healthy and well. I found several pictures with Marina, but only one with Maxine. We did get letters from both now, which is nice, although Maxy wrote about how “depressingly cheery” everyone is. That seems pretty clear in her picture.

Making Friends

It has been a week since I’ve seen either of my girls, and it’s strange to troll the camp website, looking for evidence that they are healthy and well. We got our first letter from Marina over the weekend, and she writes that she is having a great time, and it seems from these pictures that they are making friends.

Bowling Girls

The girls are away to summer camp for three whole weeks, and the house is eerily silent. It is strange to not be able to even talk to them. We’ve written a couple of letters, but have yet to receive anything back. (To be fair, it’s only been four days). Therefore, it was very nice to find these two pictures of them on the camp website, bowling with friends and having a good time. And alive!

Family Photos

Sharon and the kids surprised me for Father’s Day with this gallery of pictures taken by a local photographer Jen Fariello

Click on any thumbnail to go to the full gallery. The gallery shows three at a time. Click on the smaller ones to go to the next page, or click on the larger one for a full view.